Health Guarantee Information

The Sweetbriar Kennel Health Guarantee
Gwendolen Duvall
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Breed: _______________ Delivery Date: ____________
Sex: _________________ Color: ______________
Dam: ________________ Sire: ____________________
Date of Sale: __________ DOB _____________

Every precaution has been taken to see that your new pet is Happy and Healthy.

Important: PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE AGREEMENT. To honor this guarantee your puppy must be examined by a licensed Veterinarian no later than 4 Business days from the date of delivery of the puppy.
Puppy is given a 4-day health warranty against fatal viruses such as Distemper, Parvo & Corona and a 1-year genetic health guarantee. Seller is under no obligation to honor warranty/guarantee if this puppy has not been seen by a licensed veterinarian within the said time of 4 business days of purchase/delivery date. This health guarantee is Non-Transferable. SELLER/BREEDER ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR ANY EXPENSE INCURRED BY PURCHASER, whether vet charges or any other expenses. Seller reserves the right to refuse a sale to anyone at any time.

If your puppy is found by a licensed veterinarian to have a life-threatening congenital health defect, you must provide me with a written assessment from a licensed vet stating in what respect the dog is unhealthy along with the address and phone number of the vet’s office that provided the assessment. If any life-threatening congenital disorders have been determined by the vet, the seller holds the right to have a veterinarian of the seller’s choice provide a second opinion of assessment. If the puppy has died the seller has the right to request an autopsy to be done, at buyers expense, to determine the cause for the puppy replacement.

If a congenital health issue is determined, the dog will be replaced at the earliest availability with a dog of equal quality and value. If a puppy of a higher value is chosen, buyer must pay the difference. We do not offer refunds on money paid under any circumstances. We breed for the love of great pets and do not guarantee as to the disposition, conformation, size, color, fertility, or breeding/show capability of a puppy purchased. This health guarantee does not include hypoglycemia, worms, mites, parasites, kennel cough or coccidia. These are common occurrences found in puppies that can be treated. Precautions are taken to avoid these conditions. Worm your puppy regularly with wormer from your vet. Keep your puppy’s play area and bedding clean at all times. Provide your puppy with frequent small meals and water all through the day. Make sure he/she is eating & drinking well and does not go long periods without food, water and REST! Allow your puppy lots of downtime to rest. Don’t
over exert your new puppy. Puppy food. Please continue to feed this to avoid diarrhea. If you chose to change your pet’s diet, please do this gradually by mixing the two 50/50, gradually fazing out one. If your puppy doesn’t eat, vomits or has diarrhea or appears to be weak within the first 24-48 hours of being in its new home, please notify your vet IMMEDIATELY- Please DON’T WAIT. Puppies can dehydrate very rapidly
and your puppy’s life may depend on your quick response.

DNA: we do not guarantee DNA testing due to genetic drift and breeder preferences for more information about why we do honor DNA visit this link Wisdom Panel.

While this puppy is small make sure he/she has food and water 3 times a day. If not eating try mixing can food or chicken baby food with the dry. Water should be offered more often especially in the warm months of the year. Remember, he/she is small and can dehydrate so fast.

A shot record has been provided Please take this with you to your first vet visit. Please be prepared to follow your vet’s advice on scheduled vaccines, wormings & heartworm preventative. If you vaccinate your puppy outside of the schedule you have been provided by breeder, this health guarantee is VOID. Regardless of what your vet recommends, over vaccination can cause death! MANY vets will tell you that since you don’t know for sure that the puppy “really” had the shots listed on the shot record by the breeder, that you should vaccinate again, don’t listen!! I assure you that we care about our puppies and really do give them the protection they need to go out into the world!! If puppy is given rabies prior to 4 months of age this health guarantee is VOID unless approved by me. Vaccines should be no less than 3 weeks apart! Not completing your puppy’s vaccinations is cause for the health guarantee to be VOID! Being a responsible pet owner means vaccinating your puppy. If for any reason, at any point in time, you are no longer able to keep this puppy please call us. If we are not able to take this puppy back we are more than happy to assist you in placing it in a loving home.

By signing this agreement, the purchaser agrees to never surrender this dog to an animal shelter and agrees to give the breeder the first opportunity to take ownership.

Purchaser’s Name Printed ________________________________________

Address _________________________City________________State__________Zip_________

Phone Number __________________________Cell # if available____________________

Email Address __________________________________________________

Purchase Price $_________

Seller’s Signature: __________________________ Date: ______________

Thank You and CONGRATULATIONS! Please keep in touch. We would be thrilled to hear from you anytime. The Sweetbriar Kennel is here for your lifetime support. Please sign and return to me as soon as possible. You will be provided a breeder signed copy of this agreement at the time of the delivery of your new puppy.

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